Hello My Dear

Director    :   Ulaş Tosun
Assistant Director   :   M. Kaan Karataş
Poems Read By   :   Ahmed Saka

The documentary is named after Arkadaş Z. Özger’s poem Hello My Dear (Dost Magazine, 1970) which had caused much controversy in that period.
In this episodic poem considered to be in defiance of heteronormativity; there are references to his personality, his family, his relationship with society and his “unexpected” death which followed 3 years after this poem was published. Today, 50 years after the poem was written, the documentary follows these same episodes with the use of cinematic elements.

“Hello My Dear” is an attempt to capture what is lost. The documentary rediscovers the poetics; reaches out to the family, the comrades, the friendships, the events and attitudes that left their mark on the poet, departing from the official historical accounts, cognizant of his experience of otherness, in pursuit of the “lost” portrait of Arkadaş Z. Özger